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Lingolsheim / France

Photo Award - Public Award - 9th RDV•I 2020
Art Director : Véronique DE VIGUERIE

Briques après briques
Author-photographer, I like to work in different styles, such as high key, or low key, and torture my camera to reach its limits. Passionate of photography as much as the Danish bricks, I can say now, I'm a big kid... the success of this series of photos, prove that I'm not the only big kid, it was the one of the public's favourites in the Luminance exposition. I propose a series of 12 images, where the figurines are mixed with improbable situations of our daily life, with elements that surround us all. After all, many are made to our image... The reflection is used to give relief to the photo, another dimension, to these figurines that I stage to look like us, or not, and make work our imagination... a fork becomes jail, a flour tornado... enjoy.
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_01_GEISHA_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_02_EXCALIBUR_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_03_CHASSE AUX CROCOS_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_04_ECHAPPEE MAIS_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_05_REQUIN_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_06_PECHEUR SUR GLACE_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_07_TROOPER_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_08_BISCUIT_1000px.jpg
THIEBAUT Mathieu_2138_2309_09_ECROUS_1000px.jpg

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