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Since the beginning the RDVI festival took its districts in the prestigious "Palais des Congrès" of Strasbourg. Recently enlarged and modernized it is now a case of choice for all your images. The Palais des Congrès of Strasbourg offers the best infrastructure to welcome a photo festival of this quality.
9th RDVI - January 2020
Photographers' interviews
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Charlaine AZOUARD, Alfred BLEASS, Thomas CYTRYNOWICZ, Chris DAVIES...
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et le Palais des Congrès
To exhibit in Strasbourg is not only to exhibit in a city rich in history and culture, it is also to showcase your work in a European capital. Known as a European capital and fot its Christmas market..., Strasbourg is also (first of all?) an exceptional cultural heritage. Its cultural policy has two objectives: the promotion and development of audiences. With a very dense and diversified cultural offer, the City of Strasbourg gives great importance to the visual arts.

Among the events and events it offers you will find:
« Ateliers ouverts »: in May, during 2 weekends, artists from Strasbourg and the Eurometropolis open their doors to the general public. More than 400 visual artists throughout Alsace.
« Les rencontres de l’illustration » show the dynamism of this discipline in Strasbourg through workshops and exhibitions.
« La biennale du verre »: an event that highlights glass and the great diversity of its use as a means of expression.
« Ososphère »: a complete festival dedicated to digital cultures in the city.
« St'art »: the most important meeting place for contemporary art lovers in the French provinces, with nearly 25,000 visitors each year.
« StrasBulles » has become one of the great comic book events. Many authors, draftsmen, scriptwriters and colourists meet their audiences there.
« Rendez-vous Image »: the most important photo and photo book fair in northeastern France.
Through its location and cultural influence, the PMC is an exceptional and rewarding setting. Located on the edge of the European quarter, the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès is designed to host major events in the region: concerts, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc. A deliberately modern architecture houses three auditoriums and has a total of 50,000 m2 of exhibition space. The PMC is also known for its  ease of access regardless of the means of transportation.

As much for the beauty of its venues, its reputation and the quality of its installations, the PMC will be the showcase that will undoubtedly highlight your works. For the 2020 edition of Rendez-vous Image, no less than 3000 m2 will be at your disposal to welcome both exhibitors and visitors under the best conditions.

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