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You exhibited your photographs at Rendez-vous Image? You visited the festival?
All your testimonials, your remarks and your ideas are welcome.
Average Vote: 175.0/5
2018-02-21 09:39:29
Ce fut une expérience merveilleuse et inoubliable ! Une organisation parfaite mais la plus belle chose était la proximité chaleureuse de tous... une vraie famille. Merci pour tout !
2018-02-02 13:49:51
It has been a pleasure and an honor for me to be the artistic director of this festival. So good to see so many people that live their passion for photography. I call these people amateurs. Not as the distinction between amateurs and professionals but in the sense of people that love photography, from Latin amator=lover. I also wanted to thank Thierry, Rachel and their extended family for their energy, positivity and congratulate them on the outcome of RDV•I. We need more people like you in the photography world!
2018-01-29 15:04:28
I came without having any idea what I could see. It was so great that I would like to participate with my own pictures. Let's give it a try.
2017-11-05 09:48:04
I was very happy to attend the wonderful event for the first time in 2017. The organization is excellent and the festival management very helpful and friendly. I really liked the unusual but very original and functional presentation of the photographic works on the tables. I was very positively surprised how open and interested in photography the Strasbourg audience is. Overall, it was a very pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. I also liked the variety and diversity of the presented works and the good and open conversations with the other artists. I am looking forward to the RDVI 2018!
2017-09-28 22:39:01
I took part in Rendez-vous • Image from Tokyo, Japan. The director of this festival is really nice, steady guy, and he helped me a lot by answering my various complicated questions, before application through whole festival. Unfortunately I couldn't be there because of my schedule, but they had online-streaming video from the venue, so I could feel as if I was there by watching the video, it was really fun. The venue looks so huge and great place, they had a lot of events including Q&A and workshops. The one of the best thing by participating this fesitval is, some of local people in Strasbourg contacted me after the festival. If I could get into next Rendez-Vous Image, I would like to be there and see the people, beautiful city of Strasbourg!
2017-02-15 14:34:42
I attended the Rendez-Vous • Image festival from Cyprus in 2016 & 2017. The director of the festival Thierry Edel and his family are incredible people. They are very friendly and helpful during the Festival. Second time I went there I felt like I was at home. The exhibition venue is huge and a wonderful place which attracts many visitors during the festival from France and nearby countries. During my two years attendance at the exhibition I had the chance to meet many visitors and artists not only from France but from different countries as well. The festival is very well organized. A great exhibition to showcase your work, see others work and meet different photographers. I am looking forward to the Rendez-Vous • Image 2018. I would highly recomend!
2016-02-02 14:57:01
Well done! Nice event with so many good works to see.

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