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Caluire Et Cuire / France

Public Award - 9st RDV•I 2020
Art Director: Véroenique DE VIGUERIE

Mon pote à cinq euros
This is the story of the bond that has been woven for several years between a photographer and a fragile gentleman. It's a gentleman who has had a life accident. I do not know which... surely alcohol. What I know for certain is that he is ward of the nation. He no longer has any identity papers and refused any help from charities. He remembers the day of his birth, but he is less sure of the year. He is a man who is difficult to tame. Despite his desocialization, he has kept and preserved a certain dignity. He refuses to beg and always tries to sell cookies, chocolates or calendars... and leaves most of the time with them. He chooses his clothes or shoes with the precision of a businessman, always shirts and shoes, even if his feet suffer. He continues to manage his life. I dread the day when he will not come ringing at my door.
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