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Naples – Italy (lives in Madrid – Spain)

1er Prix du Livre - 3e RDV•I 2013
Directrice Artistique : Jane Evelyn ATWOOD

The first time I went to Russia it was 1991 and a putsch ended up with the USSR. I was 19 and I soon realized that I was witnessing a big chapter of the History. In that moment, I felt urgently the need to inform about it. The journalist was born. I’ve been working as journalist in the last 15 years, both for press and TV. Two years ago, I felt the urgent need of making my own pictures as a way to escape from the superficial and transitory condition of daily journalism. I guess, the photographer was born.

Priroda, Operetta russa in tre atti
Priroda (Nature) is the result of a three months journey through Russia in the 20th anniversary of the end of URSS. My goal is to portray the contradictory relationship of Russians with nature. They love to spend the leisure time in the country cottage and diligently try to be in touch with an idyllic and idealized environment. But the abrupt burst of mass consumption ended up distorting their way of life, turning the landscape in a grotesque set, overloaded with kitsch and artificial elements. Prirodatries to reflect this ambivalent relationship with nature in a tragicomic way, using the language of operetta.
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