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Herman CATER
Celje – Slovenia

3e Prix du Livre - 4e RDV•I 2014
Directeur Artistique : Hans SILVESTER

Herman Cater was born in Celje, Slovenia in 1941.
He became known by his landscape photographs in Slovenia and abroad but his collection about the old man attracted the most attention in the world. He got the highest awards on many world salons. This year was published his book Stanko.
In 2012 FIAP gave him title MFIAP (master in the international federation for art photography). He had his own photo exhibitions in Slovenia and other countries: Italy, Austria, USA, Germany, Croatia, Sibiria, Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, this year on Broadway gallery in N.Y., and Vienna in Moya museum.

Editions Celjska Mohorjeva Druzba
The photographer was attracted by the lonely house, its unusual inhabitant, his face carved by decades, modest, sooting inside colored oddly beautiful in the small windows’ dim light. Over a gradual developing of bonds, images arose into which we now, as they are before us, so many meanings, gliding over objects with gaze, making out ethnological particularities, familiarizing ourselves with the old man's solitude and asking ourselves about the social extensions of his living conditions.   But, if for a moment we look beyond the objective reality, quiet inner worlds reveal themselves, in which impressions are more important than meaning, and colors and shapes more succulent than words...
Primož Lampič, Ph.D.
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