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Juliette PAVY
Vannes / France
1st Photo Award - Young photographer - 9th RDV•I 2020

Les derniers Paardevisser* (*pêcheurs à cheval)
Paardevisser is a series of photographs documenting the shrimp horse fishing in Belgium, a tradition that is set to disappear. This testimony invites you to stroll along the beach of Oostduinkerke, the playground of the latest 'Paardevissers', a word meaning horse fishermen in Flemish. This tradition has been practiced for more than 500 years on the beaches of northern France and Belgium, and today exists nowhere else but in Oostduinkerke, where a dozen fishermen still perpetuate it. At a time of global warming, fishing is becoming increasingly meagre due to the increase in water temperature. It is no longer economically profitable but the Paardevisser perpetuate it for the love of tradition. Through this series of photographs, I wanted to document this moment of deep intimacy between man, nature and animals.
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_01_2019-04-06 jp 0001_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_02_2019-04-06 jp 0002_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_03_2019-04-06 jp 0003_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_04_2019-06-08 jp 0004_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_05_2019-04-06 jp 0005_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_06_2019-06-08 jp 0006_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_07_2019-04-06 jp 0007_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_08_2019-04-06 jp 0008_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_09_2019-06-08 jp 0009_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_10_2019-06-08 jp 0010_1000px.jpg
PAVY Juliette_2230_2287_11_2019-04-06 jp 0011_1000px.jpg

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