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Saint Petersburg / Russie

Prix des professionnels de l'image - 6e RDV•I 2016
Directeur Artistique : Alain WUILLAUME

Also known as Kezzyn Waits, Andrey Kezzyn is a fine-art photographer based in St Petersburg, Russia.
He has been doing photography for over ten years; the last four years of his work have been devoted mainly to the genre of staged photography, which resulted in a series of large-scale single-frame images including the five-metre long ironic variation of Da Vinci's Last Supper. The project curated by Yulia Alexandrova.

My Conceptual Hell
“All persons, places, and events in this book are real. Certain speeches and thoughts are necessarily constructions by the author. No names have been changed to protect the innocent, since God Almighty protects the innocent as a matter of Heavenly routine”. Kurt Vonnegut. The Sirens of Titan.
Andrey KEZZYN - About Stacie_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Banging in the Nails_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Brother_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Dark Side of Dressmakers_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - How You Like Me Now_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Interview with Tooth Fairies_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Mein liebes Fräulein_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - My Caprice_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Notre-Dame de Paris_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Pancake Week_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Red Rider_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Simple Mechanics_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Some Things About Love_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Wolf_800px.jpg
Andrey KEZZYN - Women
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