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Anastasyia LAZURENKO
Odessa / Ukraine

2e Prix Photo - 6e RDV•I 2016
Directeur Artistique : Alain WUILLAUME

I perceive the art of photography as spiritual practice, taking art as mystical yoga. I use only film cameras to bring to the image the direct unique energy flow. Taking a picture is always the highest state of meditation and uniting with absolute.
I am for gonzo art to go very deep inside and investigate my self development in the environment - freaking out, going to the devil and coming to the light, transgressing everything. There are two aspects that I treat as a medium - artwork capturing raw authentic women's beauty and documentary covering contemporary spiritual seeking and transcendental experience.

Pearly Gates
Dedicated to Valeria, incredibly bright fairy alien, who suffered from anorexia. When I found out about her death, I was overwhelmed with a strong feeling of guilt. I felt guilty for all of us, who worship the media cult of the skinny and support fake destructive stereotypes of beauty.
Since then I promised myself not to retouch photos at all. I felt guilty for anything except love.
Pearly Gates are the doors to heaven as well as a name for ‘vagina’ and a type of LSD-25. You can enter the doors. Or you can stand in front of them.
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