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January 29-31, 2021
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RDVI publishes the news of the photographers and authors of photobooks who have exhibited during its events.

“Fang” (mud in valencian) is the new project of the Spanish photographer Iván Navarro. It is a study of valencian identity through the interpretation of the most relevant symbols of this culture. In this picture Iván talks about valencian history by means of the photo transfer technique; to be what we are is to see where we came from.

After "Carismarkus" has been on tour throughout Europe for five years and has already exhibited its "Lost Places" twice at the RDVI, it is now time for the first photo book. With his very own style, he conveys without any excitement the silence and grace inherent in these buildings. And for exactly this reason it is worthwhile to take the book in your hand again and again, even after years, because this grace is timeless.

The book in three languages (German, French and English) is financed by crowdfounding and can be pre-ordered on the campaign site.
Homepage with additional information:


I make my living with culinary photography, for advertising and publishing. Here, the challenge is always the perfect, idealized and harmonious situation. In real life, situations are never like that.
I love those "lame" moments, which spread an aesthetic in light and graphics and still remain authentic! During this lockdown I had the chance to observe these moments much more; in my house, my kitchen and my garden. Always in search of an expression between photography and painting, I am in the process of making a series: "still lifes of real life".

Juliette PAVY

I am currently working on a documentary photographic project about alternative lifestyles. I have just launched a crowdfunding campaign ( ) which should help me to realize a book and an exhibition on this project.

Photographer member of Hans Lucas


I continue to work on my "Bricks after Bricks" series. Humor, reflection, everyday accessories and figurines, it's all there. The objective is always to attract the attention of the public of all ages, with characters who look like us, in the craziest situations.

This series will be visible at the Colmar exhibition centre at the beginning of October, during the Fana'Briques show, and I hope to see it solo in Strasbourg before the end of the year.

I would also like to thank the visitors of RDVI 2020 for awarding me the public prize (the second one after the one obtained during "Luminance" in Achenheim).

Françoise et Jean-Michel JEUDY

After my book "Singapore of glass, steel & orchids" presented at RDVI 2020, two news:
  • My short photo film presented at the regional competition has been edited nationally. Here is the link : Le Gardian
  • The publication of Jean-Michel JEUDY's collection of poems "Le cœur en abîme". Until then, my husband (JMJ) was inspired by my photos to write his poems. For this book, he asked me to illustrate his texts with "lace photos".
The book is available from the author,

Ignacio HAASER
Beyond the aesthetic and poetic side that certain images of the series « Cuba ay que luchar » (Cuba, we must fight) may evoke, the revolution was not necessarily the solution to all the problems that existed before Castro came to power. There is a certain balance, but it is very precarious and there is still a significant dichotomy between the different strata of society. The series also includes some portraits of young boxing apprentices at the Gimnasio de Boxeo Rafael Trejo, which Alberto Gonzales Caturla, a former boxer turned trainer, gave me the opportunity to realize shortly.


Realization of series inspired by the lockdown and the current situation:
- "Rêvalité” (pun of “dream” and “reality”)
- "Éloge du vide" (Laudation for the void)
- "Strasbourg un soir du 14 mars" (Strassbourg on the evening of March 14th)

In these uncertain moments, where the distance is covered with a veil of dreams, where only imagination can push the walls, the gaze is set on everyday life with another point of view. We discover a warm smile in the familiar, flowers don't fade here, already we are elsewhere. Not far from childhood without doubt, with this ability to see things that only speak to oneself, friends who are imaginary only for others who see mere objects in them. Here in this refuge, neither there nor elsewhere, just in "dream-reality".

Marie-Agnès KOPP

Time is nothing but eternity in motion. Representing both the movement of the instant, and the immobility of the timeless could be the way to represent a poetic destiny.

I have an exhibition planned for September 15-29, 2020, in Strasbourg, at the church of St-Pierre le Vieux, which will be called "la Route".

Finally, I am going to publish a second book of my photographs accompanied by poems I wrote, in September 2020, published by Unicité. It will be entitled "On the Edge of the Wind".


The trace, the absence, reveals something that was there, that existed there. Formerly intimate spaces reveal stories brought to light by destruction. More rarely, abandoned objects are still there.
The fundamental principle of photography is to freeze the moment, to bear witness to an "it has been". The destruction that generates these missing houses operates in a similar way. What is removed reveals the remains of a brutal vertical archaeology that the photographer in turn comes to fix. Just before the logic of the real estate sector replaces definitively this bygone past, by other stories and other lives.

I exhibit at Fontvieille (13) with Artprogress on September 4, 5 and 6, 2020, if all goes well.

Véronique ABOUR

I am sending you an image of my last series "Marrakich" made in the streets of Marrakech in the early morning.
"We are nomads. Sometimes we pause for a short time in our search.”
[Photographer REZA].

An exhibition scheduled for September 17 to 20, Phot'Aubrac where I would like to expose my series "Regard Posé".


jPhlipp's "The Golden Cage" refers to the bondage of our rich civilization in times of Covid-19. The restriction of physical proximity makes him replace the model by a concrete block.

Mariapia BRACCHI

Locked down with my son Adrien since March 17, 2020, we take a photo every two days, using only what is at hand.
We thus remain creative and reactive.
Regarding the scandal linked to the shortage of masks, we made our owns!


Current book project "The Pension – Little get aways"
Get away refers to the escape from the real world and its demands in favour of an illusory reality. In the productions of Melanie Haberkorn individuals are portrayed at the border of outward appearance and imaginary self. The results are subtly humorous syntheses of the two worlds which present themselves to the viewer as bizarre situations that keep something of a mystery. The accessories used symbolize the self-perception, dreams and fears of the portrayed persons and stand symbolically for their occasional get aways from reality, for their "little escapements".  


"Always choose the light"
An image that reflects the situation we are going through. A situation filled with uncertainty. A contrasting situation, which is not easy for anyone and affects us all. A new and exceptional situation. This vagueness makes the choices we have to make very difficult, in these times more than ever. May our choices always be enlightened, constructive and unifying.


"The life after"
Since the activity has come to a standstill, I document the reality of the small town where I live: Salins les Bains. I photograph all the local actors with my Leica and post one photo a day (associations, shopkeepers, but also inhabitants...) to create a link between all of them. The series was called "Confinés mais ensembles" (Lockdown, but together)" and was renamed "La vie d'après" (The life after).

I have upcoming exhibitions in June (usually) "Portraits of Craftsmen" in the gallery "Le Bocal" at Salins les Bains and in September a musically accompanied exhibition in Ornans showing photos from Cuba: "le temps suspendu" (time suspended).

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